Use Castor Oil To Grow Healthy and Shiny Hair

You know that moment when you do everything but your hair still looks bad. Well Welcome to the club.
Until recently my hair was so bad that I had to wear it tight up all the time .Luckily I found a solution and now my hair looks great.

Here is my secret – CASTOR OIL

Health Benefits
Boosts hair growth and thickness 

  • rich in omega 9 fats
  • nourish its follicles
  • boosting its growth and thickening it.


  • you need to mix: olive oil, castor oil, and lemon juice
  • then apply it on the scalp
  • let it act for an hour
  • rinse it off.

Split ends

  • rub castor oil in the split ends
  • let it act for a few hours.

Long lashes

I love this one because all my life I wanted bigger lashes  and now all I had to do is to apply  some castor oil on them before  bed.

I use cold pressed castor oil because it doesn’t contain hexane.

Here is the best way of applying the oil:

  • mix it in a bowl castor oil with  argan, jojoba, or coconut oil
  • put the bowl in a larger one, full of hot water
  • spray a bit of water on the hair
  • dip the fingertips in the warm oil
  • massage the scalp
  • rub the oil between the palms
  • run in through the hair
  • cover the hair with a shower cap
  • wrap it in a hot towel
  • let it  act for an hour.

Enjoy in the results… I know I did !

Use Castor Oil To Grow Healthy and Shiny Hair


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