Here Is Why You Should Never Dry Laundry Indoors …

Maybe you already know that you shouldn’t dry your laundry in the rooms you live in.

Here we will tell you about Craig Mather (43) from Bolton, who dried his clothes inside. As a result of his stubbornness, he got a lung disease.M old spores appear from drying clothes on the radiator.

He said:

“I began to recuperate just when I was diagnosed with constant pulmonary aspergillosis. I was recommended the particular drugs to fight fungal infections.”

The specialist warned him so he stopped drying clothes an soon he noticed a big health improvement.

Specialists warn that clothes, set on a radiator bring the humidity level up to 30 percent. This make s a perfect condition for the development of mold spores.

“One bunch of washed clothing discharged about two liters of water and even-thought our bodies are immune we can still have health issues if we don’t pay attention.

Patients with asthma may experience coughing and breathing difficulties.

If your immune system has weakened, parasites can cause pulmonary aspergillosis.

A condition that according to Professor David Denning if not treated can cause serious and deadly lung damage.

He also advises all that we MUST  dry our clothes outside or in the dryer.


Stay healthy and happy!


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