Grow Your Own Lemon Tree

We need to stop eating and feeding our children with pesticides and poison and we can do that simply by growing it in our home.

There are so many fruits and veggies that we can grow in our home .When I start reading this for the first time I got angry at my self for being so late .

Better late then never right ?

My first tree was lemon tree and I planted it from a seed from one organic lemon I bought from the market.

If you want to save your money and your health here is how you can plant your own lemon tree in a pot from a seed.

First ,buy natural organic lemon,one plating pot ,one   broad seedling pot and soil.

Pick up the place in your home  where the sun shine most of the time .

Put some water in the potting soil but don’t overdo it .

Now cut the organic lemon  ,take out the seeds and plant them  in the soil about 1/2 inches under the surface.

Spray the soil above the seed with a little water and with  a plastic wrap cover the pot .

Seal the edges with a rubber band and with  a pencil make small holes above the soil.

Now put  the pot on  warm, exposed to sun place.

With  sprayer  keep the soil dampened and in just 15 days  the sprout will appear.

Now get rid of the plastic covering and  make sure that the lemon tree is exposed to sun light  as much as possible.  

Remove dead leaves  and when the lemon tree grows enough replant  it in the larger pot  with appropriate watering;

And there you have it  – your first plant .Be proud !


Save your health and this planet …grow it at home .


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